A CCMC training, in 120 degree heat

As many of you noticed, the lovely enterprise divas and our support manager, were MIA Monday- Wednesday. Where were they? During this years record breaking heat streak, they were in the desert of course, training the Kelly Zitlow team from CCMC. Here are a few of the highlights and photos from their training!

Fun Facts from the Trip

·         Training with Kelly Zitlows Team in CCMC’s Scottdale Branch

·         Lots of great feedback from ccmc users during our visit

·         Temps reached 120 degrees during the 3 days that we were there

·         Our flight was delayed because of the heat!

·         One of the CCMC LO’s Alisa Glutz used to be a producer for Bill Maher and worked for HBO – she even wrote a book and sent a signed copy back to Jungo (if anyone wants to read it!) – https://www.amazon.com/Alisa-Glutz/e/B01M1V343N

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