Alaska Bound

Recently one of our lovely Jungo team members went to Alaska and saw some incredible things. Here is a small blurb from Heather about what they did and some photos! Enjoy. 🙂

“We visited Sitka and Juneau.We hiked and walked a lot…about 3-6 miles a day, which in obviously proud of since I’m so pregnant! We took a tram to the top of Mount Roberts in Juneau and decided to hike down the mountain (about 3 miles) on the pouring rain and mud! So much fun!We went sports fishing to catch salmon, but ended up catching a Halibut as well!Saw lots of whales and took a boat through the Tracy Arm Fjord to see the Sawyer Glacier. Had to pass through icebergs to get there and of course was absolutely freezing! But we did see the glacier “calve” which basically means it was cracking ice off and making new icebergs!”

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