Italy and Croatia

As everyone knows, Ashley M. Spent 3 weeks in Croatia and Italy recently. Enjoy a little blurb and photos of her trip (her photos are so epic, I literally could not narrow them down, so I apologize for the mass amounts of pictures)

Traveled to:    -Split, Croatia -Sibenik, Croatia -Obonjan, Croatia -Krka Falls National Park, Croatia

                        -Rome, Italy -Naples, Italy -Pompei, Italy -Florence, Italy

Things I did:    -In Croatia we drank a lot of wine, were on a boat or in the water every single day, paddle boarded, kayaked, cliff jumped, hiked, and went to a yoga, wellness, arts, and music festival on an island for 5 days.

-In Italy we went to countless Churches and Museums. The Vatican, The Colosseum, The Roman Forum, The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, the ruins of Pompei, The Duomo, went on a secret food tour, took a four course cooking class, and also drank a lot of wine.

Who I was with: In Croatia I was with 4 friends from the UK and my sister and her husband. In Italy it was just my sister and her husband.

Memorable moments: -having a panic attack on a paddle board in the middle of the Adriatic Sea because I was surrounded by jelly fish.

                                    -jumping off rocks in Krka Falls National park

                                    -meeting a black cat that lives in the Colosseum

                                    -turning a corner and happening upon the Duomo while some street musicians  were playing “Beauty and the Beast” it was one of the most magical feelings I’ve ever experienced.

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