Happy 90 Day Anniversary Danielle

Hi All,

Today is Danielle’s 90 day Anniversary!

We are so excited to have you on the team and appreciate all the hard work you have done thus far.

Here is a little snippet from one of Danielle’s Senior Team Leads:

“Danielle is a theater kid, referred to Jungo by SeeJay but has also worked with Kay on some shows previously. In her 90 days, outside of Jungo Life, she got cast in her next musical “Hair” which we will have more details the show soon. Her latest Broadway obsession is music from “Mean Girls: The Musical”. At Jungo she has been mastering all the Baisc Tier Level Cases. Doing great at User On-Boarding meetings and all the different Enterprise Agendas. She will soon be doing the 4Bs live webinar and helping with demos and training center videos. ” – Ashley Cole

We love your exciting roles outside of Jungo and can’t wait for you to grow here at Jungo.

Stay tuned for more info on her upcoming role in “Hair” the musical.

~ Ashley C.

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