Happy Anniversary, Ashley Coulter!

Ashley Coulter.JPGTeam,

Help me congratulate Ashley Coulter, on her 6 year anniversary, at Jungo!

Here are a few words from our CEO & COO:
“It has been a pleasure to see the personal and professional growth in Ashley over the past six years. The role she has now and the roles of her direct reports did not even exist when Ashley started with Jungo in 2012. She has played a central role in the development of the implementation process and what is now the implementation team. Ashley never hesitates to take on difficult assignments or challenging situations. Gratitude is one of her most redeeming virtues and she never forgets to acknowledge the others on her team for their contributions. I look forward to Ashley’s next chapter at Jungo and watching her evolve into a great leader. Thank you for all you do, Miss Coulter. ” – Mike Gulitz, CEO

“It’s been amazing to watch Ashley grow professionally these past 6 years. She’s an amazing communicator, leads very complex implementation projects, travels to meet and train enterprise clients, leads training webinars, handles tough phone calls on a daily basis, and always with a positive and zen attitude! Thank you Ashley! Can’t wait to keep seeing you grow at Jungo 😊” – Juliana Krijan, COO

Wishing you a wonderful Jungo Anniversary!

~Ashley C.

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