Happy Anniversary, SeeJay!

SeeJay lewis


Help me congratulate SeeJay on his 2 year anniversary, at Jungo!

Thank you for all your hard work and contributions over the last two years.

You are such a super star!

Here are a few words from Jungo’s Marketing Director, Ali Bennett:
“Congratulations to SeeJay for two amazing years here at Jungo! He jumped right in when he joined the team, receiving the Best New Rookie Award, and soon after, the Initiative Award and the MVP Award for Outstanding Performance. He also has earned multiple promotions within Jungo, including reaching his current position as Jungo’s Training Specialist. To say the least, he kicks butt! Our clients love the charisma he infuses into every single one of our training videos. New employees also get to experience SeeJay’s cheer as their lead trainer welcoming them onboard. If all this wasn’t enough, SeeJay also serves on the events committee, and brings a joyful and positive energy to every part of his work! We appreciate everything you do, SeeJay!”

– Ali

Happy anniversary, SeeJay!
~Ashley C.

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