Happy Anniversary Nicole!

Nicole Pino Headshot-1



Help me congratulate Nicole on her 1 year anniversary, at Jungo!

We appreciate your hard work over the last year.

Here are a few words from Jungo’s Customer Success Manager:
“Nicole came into the Jungo Family and hit the ground running with prime customer service eloquence from day 01. She has continued to grow and set an excellent example for newer CSRs with phone and email etiquette as well as detailed training of internal processes. She really shines in the spotlight of Group Enterprise On-Boarding, Enterprise Admin Training, and Webinar Training as she glides through agendas in a classroom type setting. In the last year, she has joined the Tier 1 group and is mastering complex set ups like User Replacements and LOS Syncs. We enjoy having her laugh and smile (and dancing) in the office and the team would not be the same without her energy. Happy 1 year to you, Nicole! <3” – Ashley Cole, Customer Success Manager

Happy anniversary, Nicole!
~Ashley C.

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